CASL for Non-Profits

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Leah Chang

26 Jun 2020



These unprecedented times mean we’re emailing our constituents more than ever! Are you sure your organization is compliant with CASL? 
If you have new staff, incoming summer students, or new digital tools, this course will help you confirm if you’re doing it right.


Who should take this course?

Non-profit staff, volunteers, board members or anyone involved in fundraising, marketing or communications.


This course will help you

  • Refresh your awareness of CASL and ensure the entire team knows what it means to comply.
  • Feel more confident as you shift to 100% online fundraising and digital events.
  • Set your team up for success and avoid sending email campaigns to unsubscribes!


About the course contributors


Leah Chang, Subject Matter Expert & Lead Instructional Designer

Leah is the mastermind behind Leah Chang Learning Inc. and a non-profit CRM implementation and staff enablement consultant. In a past life she was a Marketing Communications Specialist and wrote and sent countless newsletters, fundraising campaign emails (and did a lot of head scratching about CASL when it came out). “I wish I had taken this course when I was new to non-profit communications. It would have made my job so much easier!” Today, in her volunteer roles on nonprofit boards, she sees the value of ensuring that the operational team receives the training they need to comply with Canadian law, and maintain the trust of the community. In her spare time she tends her fledgling orchard and teaches open-air composting to community garden groups.

Kimberley Ong, Subject Matter Expert

Kimberley is a Marketing Automation / CRM specialist and proud #emailgeek. With several years of experience in advertising and SaaS, Kim is passionate about creative technology and disruptive industries. “Anyone who works or volunteers with a non-profit or sends emails needs a rudimentary understanding of  CASL. This is a fun and interactive way to learn, and will help your organization gain a better understanding of what you can and can’t do.” In her spare time, she enjoys staying active, climbing mountains, and eating tacos to offset all that exercise.

Sheri Eastman, Instructional Designer

Sheri is an experienced learning professional with over thirty years developing content for online, face-to-face and blended learning events. She offers educational consulting, curriculum development and learning strategy for private and public organizations. “I loved learning more about CASL both as a consumer of email and as a volunteer at several non-profit organizations. Now I really understand the fine print.”In her spare time, Sheri enjoys practicing yoga, kayaking, cooking and being walked by her dog, Kola.

Raquel Montes, Course Builder

Raquel is a workshop facilitator and experienced Software Developer happily exploring the intersection between education, learning design and technology. “As a non-profit employee, it was super helpful to learn about all the grey areas where CASL is concerned. We lay it all out in this course, in a fun and easily digestible format, so non-profit organizations can comply and keep their members happy.”In her spare time, she likes biking, exploring Vancouver Harbour by boat, and keeping her cat awake, most likely against his will.


After this course, you'll be able to

  1. Explain what CASL is and why compliance matters
  2. Determine if CASL applies to your messages
  3. Define and identify consent to add a contact to your mailing lists
  4. Include CASL requirements in your messages
  5. Maintain your mailing lists and consent records
  6. List the digital tools available to help you with record keeping


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate CASL for Non-Profits

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Great information and easy to follow tips and guidelines. The seriousness of this topic is expressed clearly and provides the steps to successfully comply

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